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FortiGate®-200D Series

FortiGate®-200D Series
Secure Protection for the Campus Perimeter and Branch Office

The FortiGate-200D series delivers high-speed security and performance for campus perimeter and branch office wired or wireless networks. Purpose-built processors provide up to 4 Gbps firewall throughput, enabling protection of your applications and network without affecting availability or performance. High-density GbE interfaces facilitate network growth and expansion.

The FortiGate-200D series provides comprehensive threat protection with Fortinet’s unmatched range of enterprise-grade security technologies. They deliver firewall, VPN (IPSec and SSL), intrusion prevention, antivirus/antispyware, antispam, and web filtering technologies. These platforms also provides application control, data loss prevention, dynamic routing for IPv4 and IPv6, endpoint NAC, and SSL-encrypted traffic inspection. These comprehensive security components enable you to deploy required technologies most suited for your unique environment.

Powerful, Secure, Easy to Install

FortiASIC purpose-built processors ensure that your security countermeasures will not become a network bottleneck. The FortiASIC CP8 processor delivers deep inspection security components such as application control, IPS and anti-malware. The FortiASIC NP4Lite processor delivers firewall and VPN throughput at switching speeds by performing high-speed processing of network flows. The FortiGate-200D series installs in minutes, automatically downloading regular updates to protect against the latest viruses, network vulnerabilities, worms, spam and phishing attacks, and malicious websites with no administrator intervention. Onboard storage provide local archiving of data for policy compliance and/or web caching.

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(FortiGate - 200D / FortiGate - 240D / FortiGate - 280D-POE)

Hardware Specifications
10/100/1000 WAN Interfaces (RJ45) 2
10/100/1000 LAN Interfaces (RJ45) 16 *FortiGate - 200D
40 *FortiGate - 240D
52 *FortiGate - 280D-POE
10/100/1000 PoE LAN Interfaces (RJ45) 4 *FortiGate - 280D-POE
GbE SFP DMZ Interfaces 2 *FortiGate - 200D / FortiGate - 240D
4 *FortiGate - 280D-POE
USB (Client / Server) 1/1
Console (RJ45) 1
Local Storage 16 GB *FortiGate - 200D
32 GB *FortiGate - 240D
64 GB *FortiGate - 280D-POE
System Performance
Firewall Throughput (1518 / 512 / 64 byte UDP packets) 3 / 3 / 3 Gbps *FortiGate - 200D
4 / 4 / 4 Gbps *FortiGate - 240D / FortiGate - 280D-POE
Firewall Latency (64 byte UDP packets) 2 μs *FortiGate - 200D
4 μs *FortiGate - 240D
2 μs *FortiGate - 280D-POE
Firewall Throughput (Packets Per Second) 4.5 Mpps *FortiGate - 200D
6 Mpps *FortiGate - 240D / FortiGate - 280D-POE
Concurrent Sessions (TCP) 1.4 Million *FortiGate - 200D
3.2 Million *FortiGate - 240D / FortiGate - 280D-POE
New Sessions/Sec (TCP) 77,000
Firewall Policies 10,000
IPSec VPN Throughput (512 byte packets) 1.3 Gbps
Gateway-to-Gateway IPSec VPN Tunnels 2,000
Client-to-Gateway IPSec VPN Tunnels 5,000
SSL-VPN Throughput 400 Mbps
Concurrent SSL-VPN Users (Recommended Max) 300
IPS Throughput 1.7 Gbps *FortiGate - 200D
2.1 Gbps *FortiGate - 240D / FortiGate - 280D-POE
Antivirus Throughput (Proxy Based / Flow Based) 600 / 1,100 Mbps
Virtual Domains (Default / Max) 10 / 10
Max Number of FortiAPs (Total / Tunnel Mode) 64 / 32
Max Number of FortiTokens 1,000
Max Number of Registered FortiClients 2,000
High Availability Configurations Active / Active, Active / Passive, Clustering
Height x Width x Length 1.75 x 17.01 x 11.73 in (44 x 432 x 298 mm) *FortiGate - 200D
1.75 x 17.01 x 11.73 in (44 x 432 x 298 mm) *FortiGate - 240D
3.5 x 17.2 x 11.8 in (89 x 437 x 300 mm) *FortiGate - 280D-POE
Form Factor Rack Mount, 1 RU *FortiGate - 200D
Rack Mount, 1 RU *FortiGate - 240D
Rack Mount, 2 RU *FortiGate - 280D-POE
Weight 10.5 lbs (4.8 kg) *FortiGate - 200D
10.5 lbs (4.8 kg) *FortiGate - 240D
17.0 lbs (7.6 kg) *FortiGate - 280D-POE
Power Required 100 - 240 VAC, 50 - 60 Hz
Max Current 110 V / 3 A, 220 V / 1.5 A *FortiGate - 200D / FortiGate - 240D
110 V / 7 A, 220 V / 3.5 A *FortiGate - 280D-POE
Total Available PoE Power Budget 270 W *FortiGate - 280D-POE
Power Consumption (Avg / Max) 55 / 79 W *FortiGate - 200D
80 / 98 W *FortiGate - 240D
329 / 340 W *FortiGate - 280D-POE
Heat Dissipation 270 BTU / h *FortiGate - 200D
335 BTU / h*FortiGate - 240D
1158 BTU / h *FortiGate - 280D-POE
Operating Temperature 32 - 104 °F (0 - 40 °C)
Storage Temperature -31 - 158 °F (-35 - 70 °C)
Humidity 20 to 90% non-condensing
FCC Part 15 Class A, C-Tick, VCCI, CE, UL/cUL, CB
System Performance
ICSA Labs: Firewall, IPSec, IPS, Antivirus, SSL VPN

Key Features & Benefits

Consolidated Security Architecture FortiGate consolidated security offers better protection and lower cost of ownership than stand-alone security products
High Port Density Up to 90 x GbE ports facilitate flexible deployment of network segments and promotes network expansion and high availability configurations
Single Pane of Glass Management Reduces complexity and decreases costs as all security functions can be managed through one console
Power Over Ethernet Seamless integration of peripheral devices in a secure environment.


Content Processor

The FortiASIC CP8 content processor works outside of the direct flow of traffic, providing high-speed cryptography and content inspection services including:

  • Signature-based content inspection acceleration
  • Encryption and decryption offloading
Network Processor

The FortiASIC NP4Lite network processor works inline with firewall and VPN functions delivering:

  • Wire-speed firewall performance for any size packets
  • VPN acceleration
  • Anomaly-based intrusion prevention, checksum offload and packet defragmentation
  • Traffic shaping and priority queuing


Industry Validation

The FortiGate family of physical and virtual appliances has earned more certifications than any other vendor by consistently meeting rigorous third-party standards. Our industry-leading technology provides you with air-tight security which you can safely count on.

More Protection and Better ROI

The FortiGate constantly evolves itself in its mission to provide more value for users. Extended features such as WiFi controller, integrated token server, endpoint control and WAN optimization add more security to organizations without incurring additional cost.

Complete and Real-time Security

Fortinet FortiGuard Subscription Services provide automated, real-time, up-to-date protection against the latest security threats. Our threat research labs are located worldwide, providing 24x7 updates when you most need it.

World-Class Technical Support and Documentation

Fortinet FortiCare support offerings provide comprehensive global support for all Fortinet products and services. You can rest assured your Fortinet security products are performing optimally and protecting your users, applications, and data around the clock.

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