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File Servers

Images Consultancy Based Services A Pre-requisite To Cost Effective & Efficient Data Management.

With the ever-increasing amount of critical data generated by your day to day business, it is crucial to have a problems free and secure solutions that provide simple data management. Storage centralization, centralized management, and consolidation are the solution to this challenge.

With an effective system in place, all (authorized) employees will be able to store and share data securely, giving them the ability to stream and download files provided by network users on a local network without taxing precious bandwidth. We are capable to customize a file servers to suit the requirements of your business. business strategy.

Enterprise Linux Server

A Highly Reliable, High Performance, Highly Secure and Cost Efficient Solution Does Not Always Comes With An Expensive Price Tag

More than half of the world’s web servers are running on various distribution / version of Linux. The benefits of Linux are far beyond the abilities of other platforms. It is stable, very efficient, high performance and cost efficient. Furthermore, Linux does not require licensing fees. It is a Free Server operating system regardless of the amount of users.

At Networks Temple and Web Temple, we continue to harvest the power of Linux which benefits our technological needs. Linux powered Network Temple and Web Temple web servers in data centers, in house file server, print server, staging web server, database server and many other areas by creating a reliable, high performance and robust platform, ensure excellent quality of services to our clients. Click here (hyperlink with email inbox) to know more.

Microsoft Windows Server

IBM & HP ServerOne of the most popular server operating system, Windows Server is
multi-purpose server designed by Microsoft to increase the reliability
and flexibility caters for one’s server or company IT infrastructure.
It provides a series of powerful tools that react fast and efficiently to
business needs.

Apple Mac Pro Mountain Lion Server

A Great Server Platform That Not Many People Aware Of

Not many people are aware that Apple’s Mac OS X Mountain Lion Server made a great server platform too. It is powerful, features rich, stable, secure, client friendly and cost effective.

Mac Mini Lion Server

Small But Yet Powerful Server

Mac Mini add-on with Mac OS X Mountain Lion is very powerful, features rich, stable, secure, client friendly and more. With the size of less than 10 inches x 10 inches, Mac Mini Lion server is the coolest and most space-efficient server one could ever asked for.

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